Acupuncture can treat a wide range of conditions

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Conditions We Treat

In 1979 the World Health Organization compiled a list of over 40 diseases that were responsive to acupuncture treatment. Although many other conditions can be treated, the following list gives an indication of the effectiveness and scope of acupuncture.

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Fertility Treatment

Mental & Emotional Problems

Pain Management

Digestive Disorders

Acute and Chronic Pain Depression Arthritis Indigestion
Stress and Anxiety Anxiety Sciatica Irritable Bowel
Gynaecological Complaints Panic Attacks Frozen Shoulder Colitis
Painful Periods Irritability Back & Neck Pain Diarrhoea
Irregular Periods Poor Sleep Sports Injuries Constipation
Infertility Respiratory Tennis Elbow Colitis
Menopausal Conditions Sinusitis Frozen Shoulder  
Neurological Asthma Miscellaneous  
Headache and Migraine Hay Fever Tiredness / Fatigue  
Trigeminal Neuralgia Cardiovascular / Circulatory Tinnitis  
Shingles High Blood Pressure (hypertension) Fibromyalgia  
Facial Paralysis Palpitations / Angina M.E.  
Neuralgia   Cystitis