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"I had been suffering with migraine headaches for 6 years, i had a constant ache every day and some days were spent lying down. I have been to consultants, had MRI'S blood tests and all showed up clear. Painkillers were making me sleepy and affecting my stomach. I was attending another acupuncturist and wasn't seeing any improvements. I went to see Jonathan and he clearly showed me where the problem was and how he was going to fix it. After the 1st session i left pain free and i told my husband i had found the person who was going to cure me. I haven't had a migraine in over 2 months, my pain is gone and my head feels clear."

~ JB - Monaghan.

Are You In Pain ?

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by it or worry if it will get worse?

  • Do you have to depend on other people to do simple things for you now, like getting your shopping or bringing in fuel?

  • Is your pain making it difficult to go to work or run your business? Is this affecting you financially?

  • Is it affecting you emotionally? Do you feel like you're in a black hole?

  • Do you feel you've tried everything, spent a fortune and you're no better?

  • Have you been told "I can find nothing wrong with you. All your tests have come up negative. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do for you"?




TestimonialsI first went to see jonathan in 2012 with crippling arm pain, i couldn't even carry my handbag, after two treatments i was pain free. This year i hurt my back and had sciatic pain down my right leg. I couldn't even put on my socks! I could see improvements two days after my 1st treatment and now its two weeks later and im pain free. Testimonials

~ MD - Monaghan


Testimonials Having tried every other medical avenue to elevate the blisters on my tongue and the inside of my mouth due to my medical condition.I could not eat any solid foods of any kind and it even effected my speech.I found that acupuncture was the best treatment of all. I would recommend this treatment to anyone,as it worked for me . I am delighted with the results and I have been pain free for the last 6 months. Thank you so much Jonathan. Testimonials

~ Marie E.


Modern Acupuncture

I have treated many people who had been suffering with chronic pain for many years with great success. I try to use the most advanced drug free treatments available. This year I introduced the Acugraph Digital Meridian Testing to enhance my diagnosis and help us track progress. I also introduced the RJ Laser system from Germany which offers completely painless pain relief. I spent some time shadowing Dr Alvaro Ramirez from the Chiren Therapy Centre who specialises in the treatment of chronic pain and introduced many of his techniques to my practice.
Each person is different and in some cases patients have found relief very quickly. In others it can take some time to resolve the problem. Depending on the nature of the underlying problem, some patients with a long-standing condition require an occasional treatment in order to live pain free and without restriction to their everyday lives.

Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation which allows us to find out more about your unique situation so we can give a realistic assessment of how acupuncture can benefit you. It also allows you to decide if we are right for you.

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